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Chatbox/Forum Guide

Post by Nerisella Pegason on Tue Jun 09, 2015 10:34 pm

Chatbox Rules

While in the Chatbox:

  • We don't care if you swear. Just don't overdo it.
  • Don't spam.
  • No inappropriate/offensive content (anything sexually or racially motivated).
  • No flaming/bullying/insulting other members. These are your colleagues, not your rivals.
  • Be kind. It isn't hard.
  • Proper grammar is appreciated, and punctuation is key.
  • Please do not CAPSLOCK rage.
  • Critiquing is allowed only if another member asks for assistance.

While on the Forum:

  • You cannot travel until you wrap up all active topics in your current location.
  • You cannot kill in topics with an [NK] tag, NO MATTER WHAT.
  • You cannot join topic with a [P] (Private) tag, unless invited or specified in the title.
  • Altering of your statistics, skills, spells or anything involving your character without administrative approval is forbidden.
  • Solo topics are okay, and a map will be generated for you upon creation of a topic. Each space will be marked with what is on that space, whether it be a creature, a portal or even a deposit of copper ore.
  • Multiplayer topics are turn-based, meaning you will post (and roll if needed), then your colleagues will post (and roll if needed).
  • Godmodding will not be accepted at any rate.
  • Powermodding will not be accepted at any rate.
  • OP in any regard will not be accepted at any rate.
  • Disregarding anything posted in the Rulebook portion of the forum will not be accepted at any rate.

Violation of ANY and ALL of these rules can and will result in kicking/banishment from T5S
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