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Traveling & Mount Guide

Post by Nerisella Pegason on Tue Jun 09, 2015 6:24 pm

Traveling Guide

Traveling throughout the single-continental world of Ceutania is quite simple. Traveling from one city to the next is only possible if the desired city is directly in line with the city you are currently in. For example, if you are looking at the World Map, and are currently in Astatula, and want to get to Edgemire, you cannot simply jump to Edgemire; you must travel there day by day.

First, you must spend 24 hours waiting to travel to Del Norte. Once this is done, you will arrive there, and then you can either travel to Crow's Landing, or Greitafell. Then, you could travel to Gnomeregan if you went to Greitafell, or Ydgrassil if you went to Crow's Landing. Afterward, Troggfort then Edgemire, or alteratively, Gulden, Widow's Peak, Molten Core, Silvermoon and then Edgemire.

Every landmark travel site takes 24 hours to reach from its previous in-line landmark. Mounts can make this travel time faster, though they are incredibly difficult to come across, and only a handfull of civilizations have domesticated breeds for riding, such as Silvermoon's famed elven Dragonhawks; or even the Kerasos, giant domesticated rhinos, found grazing in the northern plateaus of Astatula.

Examples of what a mount is or looks like will be shown below. Mounts are considered items, because they can be bought and sold, and follow the same color-coding and price rules other items of similar value are upheld to.

Mount Name: Gorix
Rarity: Rare
Species: Kerasos (Horn-nose, Rhinoceros)
Homeland: Astatula
Adult Size: Head & Body, 13.75ft long (4.2m), Tail: 27.5 inches (70 cm)
Weight: 6,720 Lbs
Rhino Appearance:
Travel Bonus: 12 hours.


[b]Mount Name:[/b] {name of mount, color-coded}
[b]Rarity:[/b] {rarity of mount}
[b]Species:[/b] {species of mount}
[b]Homeland:[/b] {homeland of mount}
[b]Adult Size:[/b] {total size of mount}
[b]Weight:[/b] {weight of mount}
[b]Appearance:[/b] {appearance of mount}
[b]Travel Bonus:[/b] {how many hours does it take to travel to another landmark}
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