Class, Experience & Level Guide

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Class, Experience & Level Guide

Post by Nerisella Pegason on Tue Jun 09, 2015 1:28 pm

Class, Experience & Level Guide

Level & Experience
Leveling up during your time spent on The Fifth Sanctum will happen naturally as you continue living the life of your character and improving upon them accordingly. Depending on the amount of Experience gained per level will determine whether

or not you level up. You may earn Experience through completing Quests, Events, Dungeons or Raids. The chart for levels and required Experience is shown below. Every time you level up, your Experience counter is reset to 0, and you must

earn the listed amount of Experinece before leveling up again. After each Level Up!, you will receive 100 Statistic Points to distribute however you see fit.

  • Level 1: 0 Experience Required, Earned upon Creation
  • Level 2: 50 Experience Required
  • Level 3: 100 Experience Required
  • Level 4: 150 Experience Required
  • Level 5: 200 Experience Required
  • Level 6: 250 Experience Required
  • Level 7: 300 Experience Required
  • Level 8: 350 Experience Required
  • Level 9: 400 Experience Required
  • Level 10: 450 Experience Required
  • Level 11: 500 Experience Required
  • Level 12: 550 Experience Required
  • Level 13: 600 Experience Required
  • Level 14: 650 Experience Required
  • Level 15: 700 Experience Required
  • Level 16: 750 Experience Required
  • Level 17: 800 Experience Required
  • Level 18: 850 Experience Required
  • Level 19: 900 Experience Required
  • Level 20: 1000 Experience Required

Playable Classes

Tier 0 Classes - Lv1 (Before creation, you are level 0. After character creation is complete, you automatically are promoted to Level 1. Level 1 players cannot run Dungeons/Raids but can run specific Events.)

Tier 1 Classes - Lv5 (At level 5, you may take a Class Quest to become a Tier 1 Class Fighter, and you can then complete Tier 1 Dungeons/Raids/Events.)

Tier 2 Classes - Lv10 (At level 10, you may take a Class Quest to become a Tier 2 Class Fighter, and you can then complete Tier 2 Dungeons/Raids/Events.)
Honorbound Oathkeeper
Merciless Shadewalker
Eagle-eye Headhunter
Beseiged Warbringer
Blessed Soothsayer
Cursed Doomsayer
Seasoned Battlemage

Tier 3 Classes - Lv20 (At level 20, you may take a Class Quest to become a Tier 3 Class Fighter, and you can then complete Tier 3 Dungeons/Raids/Events.)
Champion of Light
Champion of Shadows
Champion of Arrows
Champion of War
Champion of Life
Champion of Death
Champion of Magic

Class Guide
Paladin: The Paladin is a Fighter with the power of Light, often with a side of Healer, using White Magic to be more defensive; their devotion to their God or Deity gives them various prayers, healing abilities and light-based spells to protect
themselves and others. Naturally, they tend to fall under the category of a magic knight. They are also quite good at laying the smite down on undead, demons and other traditionally evil supernatural creatures. However, they may have behavioral
limits: some rulesets impose varying penalties on taking actions that stray too far from Lawful Good, which can lead to weakening of abilities, loss of abilities or sometimes even being kicked out of the "Paladin" class entirely.

Warrior: The Warrior is the tank of a group and the most basic and broad class, usually recommended for beginners. The fighter is basically, the strong guy with heavy armor, a large melee weapon, and possibly a shield or second melee
weapon. Compared to the other classes, Warriors tend to be powerful but slow, and have high defense and health ratings. Warriors mostly take up professions relevant to their cause, similar to mining, blacksmithing, weapon forging and armor

Rogue: Rogues are usually dexterous thieves or treasure-hunters who are experts in stealth, infiltration, lockpicking, traps and the disarming thereof, sneak attacks, and attacking from the rear. In almost any city with a poor or rich class of
society, there are rogues found for profit. They are often lumped in with Ranger-type characters, but more commonly specialize in melee - particularly with light blades and daggers. They tend to be quick but fragile, limited to light armor, but deal
a lot of damage when allowed to do so. The Rogue is also the only class that can dual wield without having to train in order to learn how to do it.

Hunter: The Hunters are woodsmen skilled at surviving in the wild. They may be lumped in with Fighters or Rogues (above) but more often than not are a separate tree of classes all their own. Archery is generally their favored skill, although
most can fall back on swordplay if necessary. Rangers may also be skilled in some form of wilderness or nature magic. They may be very good at fighting a specific type of enemy, and often take on the role of heavy ranged support against such
foes. Rarely, a Ranger may have access to guns as well as bows, but only if they are lucky enough to come across someone who has one or can make one instead. Additionally, there are hunters who are considered beast masters, specializing
in either taking temporary or permanent control of wild animals, and then allowing their pet to rush to the front lines while they support with animalistic skills and long-range attacks.

Priest: Unlike Magician-classes, the Priest usually draw their powers from either Faith, a god, or some variation of the two. Their magic generally requires them to stick to a certain doctrine to access it, but usually comes with less of a
price or chance of backfiring like some Magician classes might experience. Clerics often focus on healing and party buffs, but sometimes they are offensively useful against "unholy" enemies such as demons and undead. Often drawing their
powers from the Sunwell or the same basis Paladins draw from, they may also be suspiciously Catholic for a fantasy setting. Cleric-type classes generally have the least amount of variation, simply because healing is so vital and important that
distracting a healer generally isn't seen as a good idea.

Warlock: The Warlock, or theurgist, makes a pact with a higher spirit (although not usually a god since those tend to be distinct in fantasy settings), who supplies him with magical powers. This is usually flavored with a deal with the devil.
While healing class pacts are seen as good, a Warlock that makes a pact with an entity that gives them the power to harm or destroy is usually favored in a darker light - and it may turn out to be with demons or Eldritch Abominations. Thus, this
type of magic is usually heavily brutal and offensive. At higher levels, a Warlock may gain the prowess to summon entities to fight alongside them for certain periods of time. It has been rumored that somewhere along the lines, a very select few
of Orc's have managed to become Warlock's. In cases like this, where races lacking considerable intellectual capacity, individuals who have managed it should always be admired or feared respectively among their kin, and if powerful enough, by
other races.

Mage: These have the widest variety of any set of role-playing classes simply because there are so many varieties of Functional Magic. In a Fantasy Kitchen Sink setting, there can potentially be an infinite number of magic users, so long
as there is justification for considering them each their own type. A Magician is usually a Glass Cannon, blasting away at long range, but easily taken down at close range. However, if an individual shows their dedication to the study and practice
of arcane arts, they may achieve the class Battlemage, and if persistent enough in their quest, a Champion of Magic. Despite their notably poor defensive qualities, by no means should a Mage ever be underestimated, even if physically engaged.

Starting Class Statistics


  • Health Rating (HR): 250
  • Power Rating (PR): 60
  • Mental Rating (MTR): 60
  • Mana: 120
  • Defense Rating (DR): 0
  • Critical Strike Rating (CSR): 0%

[*][b]Health Rating (HR):[/b] 250
[*][b]Power Rating (PR):[/b] 60
[*][b]Mental Rating (MTR):[/b] 60
[*][b]Mana:[/b] 120
[*][b]Defense Rating (DR):[/b] 0
[*][b]Critical Strike Rating (CSR):[/b] 0%[/list]


  • Health Rating (HR): 320
  • Power Rating (PR): 25
  • Mental Rating (MTR): 25
  • Mana: 50
  • Defense Rating (DR): 0
  • Critical Strike Rating (CSR): 0%

[*][b]Health Rating (HR):[/b] 320
[*][b]Power Rating (PR):[/b] 25
[*][b]Mental Rating (MTR):[/b] 25
[*][b]Mana:[/b] 50
[*][b]Defense Rating (DR):[/b] 0
[*][b]Critical Strike Rating (CSR):[/b] 0%[/list]


  • Health Rating (HR): 190
  • Power Rating (PR): 35
  • Mental Rating (MTR): 20
  • Mana: 40
  • Defense Rating (DR): 0
  • Critical Strike Rating (CSR): 20%

[*][b]Health Rating (HR):[/b] 190
[*][b]Power Rating (PR):[/b] 35
[*][b]Mental Rating (MTR):[/b] 20
[*][b]Mana:[/b] 40
[*][b]Defense Rating (DR):[/b] 0
[*][b]Critical Strike Rating (CSR):[/b] 20%[/list]


  • Health Rating (HR): 210
  • Power Rating (PR): 55
  • Mental Rating (MTR): 35
  • Mana: 70
  • Defense Rating (DR): 0
  • Critical Strike Rating (CSR): 10%

[*][b]Health Rating (HR):[/b] 210
[*][b]Power Rating (PR):[/b] 55
[*][b]Mental Rating (MTR):[/b] 35
[*][b]Mana:[/b] 70
[*][b]Defense Rating (DR):[/b] 0
[*][b]Critical Strike Rating (CSR):[/b] 10%[/list]


  • Health Rating (HR): 150
  • Power Rating (PR): 20
  • Mental Rating (MTR): 70
  • Mana: 140
  • Defense Rating (DR): 0
  • Critical Strike Rating (CSR): 0%

[*][b]Health Rating (HR):[/b] 150
[*][b]Power Rating (PR):[/b] 20
[*][b]Mental Rating (MTR):[/b] 70
[*][b]Mana:[/b] 140
[*][b]Defense Rating (DR):[/b] 0
[*][b]Critical Strike Rating (CSR):[/b] 0%[/list]


  • Health Rating (HR): 135
  • Power Rating (PR): 25
  • Mental Rating (MTR): 85
  • Mana: 170
  • Defense Rating (DR): 50
  • Critical Strike Rating (CSR): 0%

[*][b]Health Rating (HR):[/b] 250
[*][b]Power Rating (PR):[/b] 60
[*][b]Mental Rating (MTR):[/b] 60
[*][b]Mana:[/b] 120
[*][b]Defense Rating (DR):[/b] 0
[*][b]Critical Strike Rating (CSR):[/b] 0%[/list]


  • Health Rating (HR): 115
  • Power Rating (PR): 20
  • Mental Rating (MTR): 100
  • Mana: 200
  • Defense Rating (DR): 0
  • Critical Strike Rating (CSR): 10%

[*][b]Health Rating (HR):[/b] 115
[*][b]Power Rating (PR):[/b] 20
[*][b]Mental Rating (MTR):[/b] 100
[*][b]Mana:[/b] 200
[*][b]Defense Rating (DR):[/b] 0
[*][b]Critical Strike Rating (CSR):[/b] 10%[/list]
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